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Getting started as an individual user

1. Create an Account

Use your email (ex. to create an account through the Bitwarden self-registration page.

2. Create your Master Password

On the create your account screen, you will be prompted to set up a Master Password which you will use to access your vault. Be sure to store this somewhere securely as Bitwarden can not reset it for you. Use the Bitwarden Password Generator to help create a strong password or a memorable passphrase.

3. Get to know your vault

Your personal vault consists of logins, cards, identities, and secure notes. These are collectively known as items.

4. Install the browser extension

Downloading the Bitwarden browser extension will enable you to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts and make your most common tasks a breeze! Use Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L to autofill. Press the shortcut again to cycle through any other matching logins.

It's best to disable the browser's built-in password manager to ensure that Bitwarden is always your go-to password manager.

5. Import your passwords

Why start from scratch? Within your vault tools, you can import data such as previously saved passwords from a wide variety of other password managers or browsers.

6. Start creating new items

The easiest way to to get familiar with creating new items is to create a login. When using the browser extension, navigate to the site you'd like to save the login for, then select the + Add Item button. You can use the Bitwarden Username and Password Generator to generate a complex password based on your preferences.

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