Bitwarden Authenticator

Import and Export

Import data

To import data to Bitwarden Authenticator, open the Settings tab and tap the Import button. You can import from the following sources:

  • Authenticator Export (JSON): Import a Bitwarden Authenticator or Bitwarden Password Manager .json export. Use the instructions in the following section for information on how to create a .json export with Bitwarden Authenticator. Importing a Bitwarden Password Manager .json export (learn more) will parse the file and import TOTP seeds.

  • Google Authenticator (QR Code): Import from Google Authenticator using a QR code, which can be made from the Transfer accounts screen in Google Authenticator. Scan the generated QR code with Bitwarden Authenticator to complete the import.


    On Android, use the Add icon on the home screen to scan a Google Authenticator QR code rather than navigating to Settings Import.

  • LastPass (JSON): Import a LastPass Authenticator account export, which can be made from the LastPass Authenticator SettingsTransfer accounts screen.

  • 2FAS (.2fas): Import a 2FAS backup file, which can be made from the 2FAS Settings2FAS Backup screen. Only backup files that are not password protected can be imported to Bitwarden Authenticator.

  • Raivo (JSON) (iOS only): Import a Raivo OTP export, which can be made from the Raivo Settings screen using the Export OTPs to ZIP archive option. You will need to decrypt the .zip file using your master password and import the enclosed raivo-otp-export.json file to Bitwarden Authenticator.

  • Aegis (Android only): Import an unencrypted Aegis .json export, which can be made from the Aegis Import & Export screen.

Export data

To export data from Bitwarden Authenticator, open the Settings tab and tap the Export button. You can choose to export your data as a .json or .csv file.


Your exported data will include an otpauth://totp/?secret= string for each entry. Should you wish to store this data elsewhere or set up a second authenticator app, this is the most important data to save.

Example exports

Bitwarden Authenticator will export data in the following formats. You may also use this section to condition your own import file if you're importing from a currently-unsupported provider:

{ "encrypted": false, "items": [ { "favorite": false, "id": "52A4DFB0-F19E-4C9D-82A1-BBEE95BBEF81", "login": { "totp": "otpauth://totp/", "username": "" }, "name": "Amazon", "type": 1 }, { "favorite": false, "id": "DC81A830-ED98-4F45-9B73-B147E40134AB", "login": { "totp": "otpauth://totp/", "username": "" }, "name": "Apple", "type": 1 }, { "favorite": false, "id": "4EF44090-4B6A-4E98-A94C-CF7B0F2CC35D", "login": { "totp": "otpauth://totp/", "username": "" }, "name": "Bitwarden", "type": 1 }, { "favorite": false, "id": "59B09168-502A-4D38-B218-FACF66E6A365", "login": { "totp": "otpauth://totp/", "username": "" }, "name": "Microsoft", "type": 1 }, { "favorite": false, "id": "789F095B-95B2-4816-A5F7-01095116C10E", "login": { "totp": "otpauth://totp/", "username": "" }, "name": "Reddit", "type": 1 } ] }
folder,favorite,type,name,notes,fields,reprompt,login_uri,login_username,login_password,login_totp ,,login,Amazon,,,0,,,,otpauth://totp/ ,,login,Apple,,,0,,,,otpauth://totp/ ,,login,Bitwarden,,,0,,,,otpauth://totp/ ,,login,Microsoft,,,0,,,,otpauth://totp/ ,,login,Reddit,,,0,,,,otpauth://totp/

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