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¿Necesitas una contraseña segura? Prueba el generador de contraseñas de Bitwarden para crear contraseñas complejas que mantendrán a salvo tu información.

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The principles of generating a strong password

Make it unique

Passwords should be unique to different accounts. This reduces the likelihood that multiple accounts of yours could be hacked if one of your passwords is exposed in a data breach.

Make it random

The password has a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and words with no discernable pattern, unrelated to your personal information.

Make it long

The password consists of 14 characters or longer. An 8-character password will take a hacker 39 minutes to crack while a 16-character password will take a hacker a billion years to crack.


Easily generate strong passwords at home, at work, or on the go.

What is a password generator?

Use a password generator to create strong, random passwords. When creating a new password, you can choose how long and how complex you want it to be. The generator will create a strong password that meets your specifications.

Pro Tip: Using the free Bitwarden password generator, you can adjust the generator “Type” to create a passphrase instead of a password. Passphrases group randomly generated words together from a standardized word dictionary, such as panda-lunchroom-uplifting-resisting, that are secure and easier to remember.

"When it comes to password management tools, there's no better than Bitwarden. It's open source so completely transparent, and runs on all major platforms, including your favorite web browser."

Why should I generate strong passwords?

We all know the drill of setting up an account on a new website—being asked to create a password, and then making sure to include both upper- and lowercase letters and numbers, as well as a special character or two (or three or four). You ponder a moment and type in a password that meets those rules. You’re feeling good about yourself – after all, no one could possibly guess that password! But are you sure the password is strong enough to safeguard your private information?

The problem is, even if you’re designing your password to be long and complex, most people will still resort to easy-to-remember characters or patterns, like your birthday or pet’s name. This is risky because hackers leverage public information about you on social media or other sites to attempt to brute force their way into your private accounts, so it’s important to ensure your passwords do not contain any personal information.

The good news is that a strong password generator does the work for you by automatically creating strong passwords that are strong, unique, and difficult to crack.

Pro Tip: Wondering how you’re going to keep track of all your passwords? The easiest and safest way to manage strong and unique passwords for every account is to use a secure password manager, like Bitwarden.

Easily generate and autofill passwords on all of your devices.

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How to manage strong passwords for every account

Your online world revolves around logins and passwords. To stay safe from data breaches, you need to create strong and unique passwords for every account, but remembering them all without help gets tricky.

When using strong and unique passwords, the best way to manage them is to use a secure password manager. A password manager makes it easy to protect yourself and your online data. It allows you to generate and store long, complex passwords for each site while only having to remember one master password (the one that unlocks your password manager account).

Bitwarden is the ideal choice for a password manager as it offers plans for individuals and businesses with cross-platform access for mobile, browser, and desktop applications. Bitwarden generates, stores, and secures your most important digital assets in an end-to-end encrypted vault.


Use a trusted password manager

Millions of users worldwide trust Bitwarden to manage login credentials across unlimited devices and platforms. Get started with Bitwarden in three easy steps:

  1. Choose the plan that best fits your personal or business needs.

  2. Create an account and remember to store your master password in a safe place.

  3. Explore the download options to access your Bitwarden account across all browsers and devices.

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