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Getting started as a service user

1. Join the Bitwarden Partner Program and create your account

Use your company email (ex. to create an account from your Provider's invitation email. Once you have accepted your invitation, you will be taken to the create your account screen. There, you will be prompted to set up a master password which you will use to access your account and the Provider Portal.

Be sure to store your master password somewhere securely or confirm with your admin that the master password reset policy has been enabled, as Bitwarden cannot reset it for you. You can use the Bitwarden Password Generator to help create a strong password or a memorable passphrase.

2. Get familiar with Provider Portal

The Provider Portal is an all-in-one management experience that enables providers to manage your customers' Bitwarden organizations at scale. It streamlines administration tasks by centralizing access and support for each client and allows you to create new ones.

4. Create a Client Organization

Navigate to the Clients tab of Provider Portal and select + New Client Organization or select + Add Existing Organization if the customer's organization was previously created.

Your account will need to be a member of the client's existing organization in order to add it to your Provider Portal.

5. Get started with administration

As Providers, you can perform all of the tasks of an organization administrator at scale. Review the key day-to-day tasks you'll tackle as a Provider and, if user training is one of your service offerings, take a look at the rest of our Learning Center for more helpful resources for Enterprise and Teams organizations.

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