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How to use Bitwarden Send

Quickly Share Sensitive Information

Bitwarden Send is a trusted way for you to securely share information with anyone! Send can be used to share files or text and all information is end-to-end encrypted. It transmits your encrypted information to another individual whether or not they belong to the same organization or even have a Bitwarden account.

How It Works

You can use Send from any Bitwarden client. Every Send you create is assigned a randomly generated and secure link, which can be shared via text, email, or whatever communication channel you prefer. The Sender of the file/text can choose to set an expiration date and time, a maximum amount of views, or can even set a password to further protect the information.

On desktop clients, sharing a file via Send will be limited to a maximum file size of 500 MB or 100 MB if you are using mobile. Sharing text with Send will be limited to no more than 10,000 characters.

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