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Auto-fill Your Credentials

A Bitwarden feature important for you to know about is Autofill using the Browser Extention. In this screen shot we are using the browser extension to autofill. The notification badge at the top you can see has a 1 which means Bitwarden recognizes there is a login item saved in your Bitwarden vault. So you can click on the extension and select to autofill your credentials. If you have more than one login item saved for the same URL, there will still be the badge notification to indicate how many there are saved for you to select the item to autofill

Autofill: Right Click

Another way to autofill is by right clicking. Once you are in the field section, you can right click and go to ‘Bitwarden’ and then to ‘Autofill’ and select the credentials you want to use for logging in. 

Browser Extension - Auto Credentials

Bitwarden also has keyboard shortcuts that you can use to autofill your credentials. Based on your browser, the keyboard shortcut is either Control Shift L or Command Shift L. One feature to mention about autofill is as long as you have Bitwarden premium, you get the capabilities to do two-factor authentication. If you use the autofill, it will auto copy to two-step login code. All you  would need to do, is once you initially log in, and are presented the two-step login screen, is enter control V to paste, and it will automatically fill in your TOTP* code.

*(time based one time password) code.

Keyboard Shortcut

Another keyboard shortcut available is used to open the browser extension window. You can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift + y for Windows or cmd + shift + y for MacOS. Keyboard  shortcuts are based on the browser you use.

The Bitwarden Help Site has information about additional keyboard shortcuts.

Autofill Extension Options

Another option for autofill is autofill on page load. This means if a login form is detected by Bitwarden it will automatically autofill your login credentials when the page loads. This feature is not automatically enabled. To turn this on, you have to go into the Settings, Options-- Enable Auto-fill on page load.

  • To enable autofill on page load, click the Settings in the lower right corner.

  • After choosing settings, check the box to enable autofill on page load. After checking the box, go down and select a default setting, either autofill on page load or do not autofill on page load.

The autofill on page load feature can be enabled for all items, however, after enabling autofill on page load, individual items can have the autofill on page load feature disabled.

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