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Secrets are sensitive key-value pairs that your organization needs securely stored and should never be exposed in plain code or transmitted over unencrypted channels, for example:

  • API Keys

  • Application Configurations

  • Database Connection Strings

  • Environment Variables

Secrets that your user account has access through assigned projects are listed in the primary Secrets Manager view as well as by selecting Secrets from the navigation:

Secrets |

Create a secret

To create a new secret:

  1. Use the New dropdown to select Secret:

    Create a secret |
    Create a secret
  2. On the New Secret window's top-most section, enter a Name and Value. Adding Notes is optional.

  3. In the Project section, select an existing project to associate the secret or create a new project to that will include the secret. Each secret can only be associated with a single project at a time.

  4. When you're finished, select the Save button.

Add secrets to a project

Secrets may only be assigned to one project at a time. By adding a secret to a project:

  • Organization members with access to the project will be able to see or manipulate this secret.

  • Service accounts with access to the project will be able to create a pathway for injecting this secret.

To add your secrets to a project:

  1. Navigate to the Secrets view and select the secret to add.

  2. In the Edit Secret window, open the Projects tab and type or select the project to associate the secret with.

  3. When you're finished, select the Save button.

Delete a secret

To delete a secret, use the () options menu for the secret to delete to select Delete secret. Deleted secrets are sent to the trash, where they remain for 30 days after deletion. Once 30 days have elapsed, the secret will be permanently deleted and not recoverable.

In the trash, you can Restore a secret to your vault or Permanently Delete it prior to the 30-day waiting period:

Trash |

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