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What are event logs?

Event logs are timestamped records of events that occur within your Provider. Event logs for the Provider are accessible only to Provider admins from the ManagePeople view of the Provider Portal:

Provider event logs
Provider event logs

Selecting the Export button will create a .csv of all events within the specified date range:

Export Provider event logs
Export Provider event logs


Event logs record several different types of events for Providers. The event logs screen captures a Timestamp for the event, client app information including the application type and IP (accessed by hovering over the globe icon), the User connected to the event, and an Event description. Provider events include:

  • Invited user user-identifier

  • Confirmed user user-identifier

  • Edited user user-identifier

  • Removed user user-identifier

  • Accessed organization-identifier organization vault.

  • Created organization organization-identifier (triggered when a new organization is created within provider)

  • Added organization organization-identifier (triggered when an existing organization is added to provider)

  • Removed organization organization-identifier


Provider events do not currently roll up the events logged for each client organization. Provider users can access organization event logs from the client organization's vault. Learn more.

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