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Q: How is Secrets Manager priced?

A: Bitwarden Secrets Manager offers a free subscription with unlimited secret storage and up to 2 users, 3 projects, and 3 machine accounts.

For teams and businesses, Bitwarden Secrets Manager offers Teams and Enterprise subscriptions featuring advanced business functionality like audit logs, directory and SCIM integrations, and enterprise policies.

Teams subscriptions start at $6 per month per user, with unlimited secrets, users, and projects, and up to 20 machine accounts. Enterprise subscriptions start at $12 per month per user, with unlimited secrets, users, and projects, and up to 50 machine accounts.

Learn more about Bitwarden Secrets Manager pricing and compare plans.

Q: Can I self-host Secrets Manager?

A: Enterprise organizations can self-host Bitwarden Secrets Manager alongside their existing self-hosted installations. If you haven't self-hosted Bitwarden before, use this guide to set yourself on the right track.

If you are already self-hosting an Enterprise Bitwarden organization and want to get access to Secrets Manager on that server:

  1. Sign up for a Secrets Manager subscription in your cloud-hosted Bitwarden organization.

  2. Update your self-hosted server to, at a minimum, 2023.10.0

  3. Retrieve a new license file from your cloud-hosted organization and upload it to your self-hosted server.

Q: How do I contact Bitwarden if I have support questions?

A: You may submit questions via or ask the community.

Q: What is the difference between Bitwarden Secrets Manager and Bitwarden Password Manager?

A: Bitwarden Secrets Manager is built for developer teams to centrally store, manage, and deploy privileged secrets. Secrets Manager is tailored for infrastructure secrets and is supported only by the web app and CLI clients. If you are looking to help your employees manage their personal credentials, check out Bitwarden Password Manager.

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