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Get Started with Mobile Apps

Bitwarden mobile apps let you take your password manager on the go. Download Bitwarden from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or by navigating to on any device.

Bitwarden on Android and iOS
Bitwarden on Android and iOS

First Steps

Let's start your Bitwarden mobile journey by adding a new login item to your vault and make sure it's secure and easy to find:

Create a Folder

Folders are a great way to make sure you can always find vault items when you need to use them. To create a folder:

  1. Select the Settings tab and choose Folders from the Settings list.

  2. Select the Add icon.

  3. Give your folder a name, for example Social Media, and select Save.

Add a Login

Now, let's add a login to your new folder. To create a new login item:

  1. Navigate to the My Vault tab and select the Add icon.

  2. Choose which Type of item to create (in this case, select Login).

  3. Enter the basic information for this login. For now, give the item:

    1. A Name to help you easily recognize it (for example, Twitter Account).

    2. Your Username.

    3. Your current Password (we'll replace this with a strong one soon).

  4. Select the New URI button and enter the URL where you log in to the account (for example,

  5. Select a folder from the Folder dropdown. If you're following our example, choose the Social Media folder you just created.

  6. Nice work! Select Save to continue.

Generate a Strong Password

Now that you've saved a new login, let's improve its security by replacing your password with a stronger one:

  1. Open a web browser or the mobile app for your account and login with your existing username and password. Once you're logged in, find the Change your password page.

  2. On the Change your password page, enter your current password. You can copy and paste this from Bitwarden!

  3. Back in Bitwarden, select the login item and tap Edit on iOS or the on Android.

  4. In the Password box, select Generate and confirm Yes to overwrite your old password.
    This will replace your password with a randomly-generated strong password. Moving from Fido1234 to X@Ln@x9J@&u@5n##B can stop a would-be hacker in their tracks.

  5. Select Save.

  6. Copy your new password and paste it into the New Password and Confirm Password fields back in the other app.

Congratulations! Your login is now saved in Bitwarden for secure and easy use!

Add a Second Account

Do you have multiple Bitwarden accounts, like one for personal use and one for work? The mobile app can be logged in to 5 accounts at once!

To login to a second account, select the currently logged-in account from the top menu bar of the app and select Add Account:

Account Switching Mobile
Account Switching Mobile

Once you log in to your second account, you can quickly swap between them from the same menu, which will also show the current status of each account's vault (locked or unlocked). If you log out of one of these accounts, it will be removed from this list.

Next Steps

Now that you've mastered the basics, let's dig into some of the more powerful features of Bitwarden mobile apps:



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