The annual Open Source Security Summit brings together business leaders, industry visionaries, and technology users to chart a path forward and highlight the future of open source security solutions. Each year, explore advancements in open source security and how using open source tools can build trust with consumers at this free, virtual event. Sign up for the Bitwarden newsletter to stay informed on this and other upcoming events.

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2023 Open Source Security Summit Sessions

See the highlights from the Open Source Security Summit 2023 and explore some of the featured resources from the event.

Fireside Chat with Alyssa Miller, CISO at Epiq Global

In this chat, lifelong hacker and seasoned cybersecurity executive Alyssa Miller shares her insights on passkeys and the future of authentication.

Bypassing Online Censorship: Open-Source Tools as a Critical Lifeline

Meskio, the Anti-Censorship Team Lead at Tor, discusses the role Tor plays in advancing human rights with open source anonymity tools.

The Open Source Advantage: Strengthening Security Resilience Through Community Collaboration

This lightning panel features experts Dave Kennedy, Founder and CEO at TrustedSec and Jos Poortvliet, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Nextcloud.

Secure Consulting with Bitwarden

Ryan McElroy, VP of Technology, shares how Bitwarden keeps his team organized and secure.

Assemblyline: Supercharging Open Source Malware Analysis

Jean-Pierre Vigneault, Technical Manager - Analytical Platform & Automation at Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CSE), showcases how his organization takes an open source first approach.

Why NAES Chose Bitwarden for Password Management

Jimmy Chong, Cyber Security Engineer at NAES, details the differentiators that drove his team to choose Bitwarden as their open source password manager.

Why Open Source is the Future of Technology Development

Sergii Smirnov, CTO at Namecheap, dives into the benefits of using an open source password manager like Bitwarden.

Discovering Phishing at Scale: File Integrity Monitoring Using Wazuh

Manuel Leos Rivas, Cloud Security Architect at Backblaze, shares how to mitigate phishing attacks using open source tools.

Building a Cybersecurity Work Culture: Spotting and Addressing Common Security Oversights in the Organization

This lightning panel features experts Henrik Refslund, CTO at AccuRanker, Henry Fisher, Digital Rights Activist and Techlore Founder, and Leigh Honeywell, CEO at Tall Poppy.

Why attend?

A virtual and free industry event for open source security!

Learn from peers, colleagues and industry leaders on how you can employ strategies for open source security solutions to make yourself and your workplace more secure. Get the latest on industry trends and tips from experts for new ideas and approaches.

The Open Source Security Summit is a forum to explore the intersection of open source and security. This year, continue the conversation with cross-industry experts and dive deeper into why open source solutions lead to better security measures, as well as how using open source tools can build better trust with your customers.

Summit highlights

Visionary keynotes and sessions

Prepare for interactive, insightful keynotes from industry leaders.

Community and networking

Join colleagues and peers with a similar passion for open source security solutions.

Real-time access to product experts

Ask important questions of technical experts to quickly get the answers you need.

Open Source Security Summit featured alumni


Brian Krebs

Zack Kass 2023 Summit

Zack Kass


Alyssa Miller


Steve Wozniak


Bruce Schneier


Mikko Hypponen


Kevin Mitnick


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