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Our Mission

At Bitwarden, we share a sense of purpose–––helping the global community of online users manage their sensitive information easily and securely. Our open source software is the foundation of who we are as a company, with transparency and collaboration at the forefront of our core values.

Who We Help

Designed with the most security-conscious user in mind, our password management solution helps individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide.

  • For individuals: Bitwarden is the safest way to guard against password theft by creating and managing strong, unique passwords across all your devices.
  • For businesses: Bitwarden offers powerful, secure password management with complete administrative control to meet compliance requirements.

Our Products and Features

Our password management platform sets strong security standards with collaboration features designed to simplify password sharing and boost online productivity for everyone.

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What We Stand By

Security You Can Trust

Our Bitwarden application seals your private information with end-to-end encryption before it ever leaves your devices.

Open Source Transparency

Our software is open source which means the features and security of our infrastructure can be vetted and improved upon by our global community.

Global Accessibility

Our workforce and solutions are globally distributed and provide multi‑platform sensitive data management in nearly 40 different languages.

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Get the latest on new product features, online security best practices, and password management resources.

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