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Configure Environment Variables

Some features of Bitwarden are not configured by the installer. Configure these settings by editing the environment file, located at ./bwdata/env/global.override.env. This .env file comes pre-baked with configurable variables (see Included variables), however there are additional variables which can be manually added (see Optional variables).

Whenever you make changes to global.override.env, perform a ./ rebuild to apply your changes.


This article will not define every environment variable, instead focusing on those used or configured by most installations.

Included variables

The following variables are among those that already exist in global.override.env:

Variable Description
globalSettings__sqlServer__connectionString= Use this field to connect to an exernal MSSQL database.
globalSettings__oidcIdentityClientKey= A randomly generated OpenID Connect client key. For more information, see OpenID Documentation.
globalSettings__duo__aKey= A randomly generated Duo akey. For more information, see Duo's Documentation.
globalSettings__yubico__clientId= Client ID for YubiCloud Validation Service or self-hosted Yubico Validation Server.

If YubiCloud, get your client ID and secret key here.

If self-hosted, see optional variable globalSettings__yubico__validationUrls.
globalSettings__yubico__key= Secret Key for YubiCloud Validation Service or self-hosted Yubico Validation Server.

If YubiCloud, get your client ID and secret key here.

If self-hosted, see optional variable globalSettings__yubico__validationUrls.
globalSettings__mail__replyToEmail= Email address used for invitations, typically no_reply@smpt__host.
globalSettings__mail__smtp__host= Your SMTP server hostname (recommended) or IP address.
globalSettings__mail__smtp__port= The SMTP port used by the SMTP server.
globalSettings__mail__smtp__ssl= (Boolean) Whether your SMTP server uses an encryption protocol:
true = SSL
false = TLS
globalSettings__mail__smtp__username= A valid username for the smtp__host.
globalSettings__mail__smtp__password= A valid password for the smtp__host.
globalSettings__disableUserRegistration= Specify true to disable new users signing up for an account on this instance via the registration page.
globalSettings__hibpApiKey= Your HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) API Key, available here.
adminSettings__admins= Email addresses which may access the System Administrator Portal.

Optional variables

The following variables do not already exist in global.override.env, and can be manually added:

Variable Description
globalSettings__logDirectory= Specifies the directory to save log files to. By default, globalSettings__logDirectory=bwdata/logs.
globalSettings__logRollBySizeLimit= Specify the size limit in bytes to use for rolling log files (for example, globalSettings__logRollBySizeLimit=1073741824).
globalSettings__syslog__destination= Specify a syslog server or endpoint to send log files to (fo example, globalSettings__syslog__destination=udp://
globalSettings__mail__smtp__trustServer= Specify true to explicitly trust the certificate presented by the SMTP server (not recommended for production).
globalSettings__mail__smtp__sslOverride= Specify true to use SSL (not TLS) on port 25.
globalSettings__mail__smtp__startTls= Specify true to force STARTTLS (Opportunistic TLS).
globalSettings__organizationInviteExpirationHours= Specify the number of hours after which an organization invite will expire (120 by default).
globalSettings__yubico__validationUrls__0= Primary URL for self-hosted Yubico Validation Server. For example: =

Add additional validation server URLs by creating incremented environment variables, for example globalSettings__yubico__validationUrls__1=, globalSettings__yubico__validationUrls__2=.
globalSettings__enableCloudCommunication= Set to true to allow communication between your server and our cloud system. This is currently only used for enterprise families sponsorships.
adminSettings__deleteTrashDaysAgo= Specify the number of days after which to permanently delete items from the trash. By default, adminSettings__deleteTrashDaysAgo=30.




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