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How to protect your digital footprint hero

How to protect your digital footprint

Your digital footprint is a record of your online activity. Learn how to clean up your digital footprint and protect yourself online in this blog.

SEC cyber reporting rules

Making Sense of SEC Cyber Reporting Rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently adopted rules designed to ensure the public is informed about material cybersecurity incidents in a timely manner.

FIDO2 WebAuthn 2FA now in all Bitwarden plans including free!

Bitwarden envisions a world where nobody gets hacked and now includes FIDO2 WebAuthn two-factor authentication in all plans, including free. Everyone gets a security boost with FIDO2 WebAuthn credentials such as hardware security keys.

glba hero

How the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act governs data security practices

Learn how the Gramm-Leach-Bliley ACT (GLBA) regulates data security practices in financial institutions, and how an enterprise-wide password manager can help.


How to choose the best enterprise password manager for your business

Identifying the best password manager for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when selecting an enterprise password manager.

nist hero.png

3 tips from NIST to keep your passwords secure

Follow this simple advice to improve the safety of your online accounts.

7 min read

Enterprise passwordless SSO brings better productivity and user sign in experience for employees

Now available: This passwordless form of SSO allows users to log in and decrypt vaults using their SSO credentials and trusted devices. Read on to learn more.

Two-step Login for X with Bitwarden

Secure your X account and more with a full featured password manager.

strong security stack hero

Building a Strong Security Stack

See what apps are most favored from the Bitwarden community.

passkeys .net hero

Enable passkeys in .NET with Bitwarden

Here is a quick overview on how you can use the Bitwarden .NET SDK in your ASP.NET applications to enable passkeys.

Lights, camera, passwords! Celebrating the stars of the Security’s Got Talent competition

Find out who won the Security’s Got Talent short video contest in this recap of the awards show!

Using Bitwarden Secrets Manager and GitHub Actions to upload to an app marketplace

Streamline your development processes and securely inject secrets into a GitHub workflow with Bitwarden Secrets Manager and GitHub Actions.

Understanding Bitwarden Architecture

Learn more on the Bitwarden Password Manager architectures for individual and organizational vaults, security, and code contributions.

End-to-end encrypted Bitwarden Secrets Manager now generally available

Learn how Bitwarden Secrets Manager — now generally available — helps IT, DevOps, and development teams to securely store, manage, automate, and share secrets at scale.

How the open source community strengthens security tools

The power of open source is a global community. Learn how you can get involved and contribute to the Bitwarden code.

Security habits around the world: A closer look at password security statistics

Take a look at recent, notable statistics around password habits, trends, and challenges, for both consumers and enterprises.

5 min read

How do passkeys work?

Passkeys will eventually replace passwords. They’re stronger, more secure, phishing-resistant, and best of all, easier to use. But how do they work? Read on.

How to share passwords at work, at home, or on the go

Safely sharing passwords and sensitive information via modern password managers (such as Bitwarden) is much easier than you might think.

6 min read

Easily integrate Single Sign-On security with flexible solutions

Bitwarden just announced a new form of passwordless SSO, allowing SSO users to log in and decrypt vaults with trusted devices. This now allows for total flexibility in SSO options, letting businesses choose where encryption keys are stored.


How to share files and sensitive information securely

Bitwarden makes it easy to securely share files and sensitive information with anyone using Bitwarden Send.

is my pw compromised hero

How to determine your password health

If you’re asking ‘is my password compromised?', one of the ways to determine this is to run a Bitwarden Vault Health Report.

Bitwarden is the #1 password manager in G2 2023 Enterprise Grid

Bitwarden has achieved outstanding results in the recent G2 Enterprise Grid report, solidifying its position as the highest-performing password manager for enterprise.

Enterprise password vaults hero

How enterprise password vaults strengthen security for organizations

Utilizing an enterprise-wide password manager is always good for business. Read more about the benefits in this blog.

SOS Software Service and Bitwarden align on pan-European distribution strategy

Bitwarden and SOS Software Service will work together to bring Bitwarden Password Manager to European customers as part of a strategic distribution plan.

How strong is my password hero

How strong is my password?

Here are a few key pieces of guidance to keep in mind when creating strong passwords.

PRF WebAuthn and its role in passkeys

Accessing and unlocking the Bitwarden vault with a passkey leverages an extension for WebAuthn called the pseudo-random function or PRF. Learn more about this leading-edge standard and how it may impact the user experience of passkey login.

Why end-to-end encryption is crucial for developer secrets management

Let’s explore different encryption methods and why end-to-end encryption is the right choice for development teams who are evaluating secrets management solutions.

why does my dev team need a secrets manager hero image - hero image

Why does my development team need a secrets manager?

A secrets manager is a security solution for storing secrets used by developers, DevOps, and IT teams. In this article, we'll explore the reasons why a secrets manager is essential for security-minded businesses.

Easy, secure sharing - how to set up user groups and collections

Learn how to set up user groups and collections for easy, secure sharing with your team.

What are passkeys?

Learn the basics of what passkeys are and how to use them

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