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Security and Convenience - Configure Your Organization using Login with SSO

Avoid identity crisis! Use Bitwarden + Login with SSO

Welcome to the Open Source Security Summit!

A community call to collaborate on open source and security for credential management. Virtual and free event on December 10, 2020

How password managers help prevent phishing

Malicious phishing attacks are unfortunately part of digital life, but password managers provide one means of prevention

Secure Password Management for MSPs

Bitwarden is an ideal solution for managed service providers (MSPs), resellers, and MSSPs looking to expand their services and enhance password management.

Bitwarden launches SSO authentication to integrate password security with identity providers

When Apple and Zoom Say It's Time to 2FA

Two-factor authentication is getting more prominent for all internet and device users.

3 tips from NIST to keep your passwords secure

Follow this simple advice to improve the safety of your online accounts

Bitwarden achieves SOC 2 certification

SOC certification emphasizes security as our top priority.

Five Best Practices for Password Management

Password managers make security easier. Check out five ways to get the most out of them.

How End-to-End Encryption Paves the Way for Zero Knowledge

Understand the basics of these approaches to operate securely online

Bitwarden Announces Integrated Password Security with Identity-based SSO

Coming September 2020, the Bitwarden Login with SSO feature integrates password security with identity-based single sign-on.

Say Hello to Windows Hello and Touch ID in the Bitwarden Desktop App

As the next step in bringing more biometrics options to our users, Bitwarden is bringing Touch ID and Windows Hello to our Desktop application.

Bitwarden 2020 Security Audit is Complete

We are pleased to announce that Bitwarden has completed a thorough security assessment and penetration test by auditing firm Insight Risk Consulting. Read our executive summary and download the full 2020 Assessment Report to learn more.

Two-step Login for Twitter with Bitwarden

Secure your Twitter account and more with a full featured password manager

Vault Security in the Bitwarden Password Manager

Understand end-to-end encryption, administrative controls, and safety for client applications

The big reveal - Hidden Passwords!

Hiding in plain sight - add another layer of security to your secrets.

10 Tips to Choosing a Password Manager for Your Team

Get the checklist and resources to empower your team with a secure foundation

A Quick Guide to Bitwarden Client Applications

Understand the ins and outs of the entire Bitwarden application range

Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden

Be sure that your Bitwarden vault and other key accounts have full security protections

New Features Alert - Bitwarden Talks Trash and Timeouts!

Two great new features for Bitwarden are now live!

What is the right way to share passwords?

Be sure you have end-to-end encryption and a scalable approach

How to Test the Strength of Your Passwords in 2020

Use these best practices and free online tools to help you generate strong passwords and test the strength of existing passwords for your online accounts.

Two-Step Login for Nintendo Switch with Bitwarden

Secure your Nintendo account and more with a full featured password manager

Securing Remote Work with a Password Manager

Remote work means rethinking strategies. Here are a few key tips

Make way for your password manager!

Make the Bitwarden experience smoother by turning off your browser’s password management

Picking the Right Password Manager

We know we should use a password manager, but how should you pick?

Turn Up Your Security Profile to 11

Beyond choosing a password manager, consider these steps.

Enterprise Policies are Here!

Secure your teams better than ever with enterprise policies.

Bitwarden Community Guide

All the ways you can be a part of your favorite password manager.

Bitwarden in 2020

As Bitwarden adoption continues to grow, we are expanding to serve our community and users.

Bitwarden Mobile App v2.0 Now Available

We're excited to announce v2.0 of the Bitwarden mobile app. This release is a complete re-write of a mobile app from the ground up.

Bitwarden & DigitalOcean Marketplace

Bitwarden announces a partnership with cloud provider DigitalOcean making Bitwarden installations available in the DigitalOcean Marketplace.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now accepted payment methods for Bitwarden products.

Vault Health Reports for Premium Users

Bitwarden users with premium access now have some great new reporting tools for evaluating the overall health of their Bitwarden vault.

Premium Access for Families Organization Plans

The Families organization plan now has the option to grant premium access to all members of the organization.

Bitwarden Completes Third-party Security Audit

Bitwarden has completed a thorough security assessment, code audit, and cryptographic analysis from experts at a third-party security firm.

AutoFill Improvements Come To iOS 12 and Android 9

Some wonderful new AutoFill features have made their way to iOS 12 and Android 9 for Bitwarden.

Live Sync Bitwarden Apps

Live sync is a new feature in Bitwarden that keeps all of your apps in sync with no delay.

Web Vault v2.0

The Bitwarden web vault version 2.0 is now available with a new layout, new design, and new features!

The Bitwarden Command-line Tool

The Bitwarden CLI, a powerful command-line tool for interacting with your Bitwarden vault, is now available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Bitwarden Desktop App Released for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Bitwarden desktop application has been officially released on Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions.

Safari Browser Extension Released

Bitwarden is now officially available to install as an extension in Apple's Safari desktop browser.

Chrome Extension Version 1.24 — Security Fix

An important fix for users on Chromium based browsers is now available in version 1.24 of the bitwarden browser extension. You should…

Bitwarden & The Oreo Autofill Framework

We're happy to release the beta of bitwarden's integration with the Oreo Autofill Framework.

Store Secure Notes, Credit Cards, & Identities In Your Bitwarden Vault

In addition to logins, you can now store and auto-fill credit cards, identities, and generic secure notes in your bitwarden vault.

Host Your Own Open Source Password Manager

Now you can quickly deploy bitwarden to your own server on Linux, macOS, or Windows using Docker containers.

Custom Fields

Now you can store well-structured custom fields within entries in your bitwarden vault.

Bitwarden Browser Extension Now Available On Microsoft Edge

Bitwarden is now officially available in the Microsoft Store for the Edge browser.

Premium features — file attachments, 2FA options, TOTP, & priority support

Bitwarden now offers premium features, including file attachments, TOTP verification codes, and more 2FA options with Duo, YubiKey, and U2F…

Have you been pwned?

We hear about data breaches all the time, but have you ever wondered if you've been a victim? The truth is, most of us have. It's important…

Organization Groups & Directory Sync

Managing users for large organizations can often be difficult. Most organizations of size rely on directory tools, such as Active Directory…

Password Sharing with Organizations

One of the most requested features since bitwarden came into existence is the ability to securely share passwords. Password sharing has…

Android v1.3.0 — Now with auto-fill!

Today we're happy to announce that version 1.3.0 of the bitwarden Android app is now available on the Google Play Store.