Directory Connector File Storage

The Directory Connector desktop app and CLI share the same database and configuration settings. You may install and use both applications, however it is not recommended to use them simultaneously.


Though not required, it may be helpful to use the desktop app first in order to setup and configure all of your settings before using the Directory Connector CLI.

Config file

The Directory Connector configuration file (data.json) contains objects you may directly edit in order to:

  • Set the connection to your directory

  • Configure sync options

It is not possible to setup the entirety of Directory Connector from data.json. Authentication values, like keys or secrets, must be set from either the desktop app or CLI.

Download a sample configuration file


Avoid opening or modifying data.json while the Directory Connector desktop app or CLI executable is running.


The location of data.json depends on which platform is in use:

  • Windows : %AppData%\Bitwarden Directory Connector

    • Portable: .\bitwarden-connector-appdata

  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden Directory Connector

  • Linux: ~/.config/Bitwarden Directory Connector


Using the Directory Connector CLI, run the data-file command to discover the absolute path to the data.json.

Secret storage

By default, the Directory Connector desktop app and CLI both use a secure method for persisting sensitive data (such as your directory account password, API keys, and so on).

On Linux systems this requires GNOME Keyring and X11, which are usually reserved for desktop environments. If you are using a headless Linux environment you may encounter errors such as:

Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 $DISPLAY

Secret storage in headless environments

If a secure storage environment is not available, you can configure the Directory Connector CLI to use plaintext storage of secrets. To do so, set the following environment variable to override secure storage, for example by running sudo -H gedit /etc/environment:


With plaintext storage enabled, you can then configure all settings directly, in plaintext, from the data.json configuration file.


Plaintext storage of secrets is not compatible with the Directory Connector desktop app. You should only use the Directory Connector CLI with plaintext storage of secrets.

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