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Import & Export FAQs

This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding import & export.

Q: How do I import my data if I don’t see my service on the import options list?

A: If we don't have official support for the service you are using, manually condition a .csv or .json for import into Bitwarden. For more information about how to do this, see Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json.

Q: How do I import items directly to collections?

A: You can import items into existing collections by appropriately conditioning a .json before before importing, or you can define new collections within your import file on order to create new collections when you upload the file. Learn how.

Q: Why did importing create duplicate vault items?

A: Every import operation creates every new record as an item in your vault, regardless of whether matching vault items already exist in your vault. Prior to import, we recommend either:

  • Editing your import file to only include net-new vault Items.

  • Purging your vault before an import operation.

    Individual vaults can be purged from the SettingsMy account page. Organization vaults can be purged from the Organization SettingsOrganization info page.

Q: What file formats does Bitwarden support for import?

A: The following formats are supported out-of-the-box:


If your format is not listed below, manually condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json.

  • 1Password (1pif)

  • 1Password 6 & 7 Windows (.sv)

  • 1Password 6 & 7 Mac (csv)

  • 1Password (1pux)

  • Ascendo DataVault (csv)

  • Avast Passwords (csv)

  • Avast Passwords (json)

  • Avira (json)

  • BlackBerry Password Keeper (csv)

  • Blur (csv)

  • Brave (csv)(select Chrome)

  • Buttercup (csv)

  • Chrome (csv)

  • Clipperz (html)

  • Codebook (csv)

  • Dashlane (json)

  • Dashlane (csv)

  • Encryptr (csv)

  • Enpass (csv)

  • Enpass (json)

  • Firefox (csv)

  • F-Secure KEY (fsk)

  • GNOME Passwords and Keys/Seahorse (json)

  • Kaspersky Password Manager (txt)

  • KeePass 2 (xml)

  • KeePassX (csv)

  • Keeper (csv)

  • LastPass (csv)

  • LogMeOnce (csv)

  • Meldium (csv)

  • mSecure (csv)

  • Myki (csv)

  • Microsoft Edge (csv)(select Chrome)

  • Nordpass (csv)

  • Opera (csv)(select Chrome)

  • Padlock (csv)

  • Passbolt (csv)

  • PassKeep (csv)

  • Passky (json)

  • Passman (json)

  • Passpack (csv)

  • Password Agent (csv)

  • Password Boss (json)

  • Password Dragon (xml)

  • Password Safe (xml)

  • PasswordWallet (txt)

  • ProtonPass (json)

  • Psono (json)

  • RememBear (csv)

  • RoboForm (csv)

  • SafeInCloud (xml)

  • SaferPass (csv)

  • SecureSafe (csv)

  • SplashID (csv)

  • Sticky Password (xml)

  • True Key (csv)

  • Universal Password Manager (csv)

  • Vivaldi (csv)

  • Yoti (csv)

  • Zoho Vault (csv)

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