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Redeem Families Sponsorship

Members of Cloud Enterprise Organizations are offered a free Families Organization sponsorship that can be applied to a new or pre-existing Families Organization and redeemed directly from the Web Vault.

Using a Families Organization, securely share Vault data between yourself and up to 5 friends or family members. Families Organizations include premium Bitwarden features for all 6 users, including advanced Two-step Login methods, encrypted file attachments, Emergency Access, and more.


If you're already on the 2019 Families plan, you can still redeem a sponsorship but your Organization will not be updated to include features included in the 2020- plan.

Redeem your Sponsorship

To redeem your sponsorship:

  1. Log in to the Bitwarden account attached to the sponsoring Organization.

  2. Navigate to SettingsFree Bitwarden Families:

    Enable Families for Enterprise
    Enable Families for Enterprise
  3. On this screen, provide a personal email you want to redeem the sponsorship with and select Redeem:


    If you already have a separate personal Bitwarden account, use the email address attached to that account. If you don't already have a separate personal Bitwarden account, you'll need to create one with the personal email you enter here.Do not use the email address or Bitwarden account attached to the sponsoring Organization.

  4. In your inbox, you'll get an email from Bitwarden inviting you to accept the sponsorship:

    Accept Families for Enterprise Offer
    Accept Families for Enterprise Offer

    Select Accept Sponsorship to continue.

  5. If there is a Bitwarden account associated with the provided personal email, log in. If there is not an account associated with the personal email, you'll be directed to the Create Account screen.

  6. Once you've logged in, you'll be directed to a screen where you can finish redeeming your sponsorship for a New Families Organization or an Existing Families Organization:


Congratulations! If you're new to using Bitwarden Families Organizations, we recommend checking out this article to learn the basics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I redeem with the account that's a member of the sponsoring Enterprise?

A: No. Upon redemption, you'll be asked to enter a personal email address that you own. If you already have a personal Bitwarden account, enter that account's email address. If you don't, enter a personal email address for which you want to create a personal Bitwarden account.

Q: Can I redeem for my existing Families Organization?

A: Yes! Redeeming a sponsorship for an active Families Organization will immediately switch you to a sponsored subscription and add prorated account credit for the time remaining on the subscription you've paid for.

Q: Can I add additional storage?

A: Yes, however only 1 GB is included in your sponsorship. More storage can be added at any time and doing so will charge your payment method on file.

Q: What happens if I leave the Organization sponsoring me?

A: If you leave or are removed from the sponsoring Organization, your payment method on file will be charged at the next billing interval. If, however, you manually end your sponsorship from the SettingsFree Bitwarden Families screen, your payment method will be immediately charged.



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