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Two-step Login via Duo

Two-step login using Duo is unique among available two-step login methods in that it can be enabled for a personal account (like the other methods) or enabled for an entire Organization by Teams and Enterprise Organizations.

Setup Duo

This article covers Duo setup for Personal Users, Organization Users, and Organization Admins:

Use Duo

The following assumes that Duo is your highest-priority enabled method. For Organization members, Org-wide Duo is always the highest-priority method. To access your vault using Duo two-step login:

  1. Login to your Bitwarden vault on any app and enter your email address and master password. A Duo screen will appear to begin your two-step login verification.

  2. Depending on how you've configured Duo, complete the authentication request by:

    • Approving the Duo Push request from your registered device.

    • Finding the 6 digit verification code in your Duo Mobile app or SMS messages, and enter the code on the vault login screen.


      Check the Remember Me box to remember your device for 30 days. Remembering your device will mean you won't be required to complete your two-step login step.

You will not be required to complete your secondary two-step login step to Unlock your vault once logged in. For help configuring Log Out vs. Lock behavior, see Vault Timeout Options.




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