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Browser extension shortcuts

Some browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Safari may use the below key combinations for other default shortcuts. In these cases, you will need to configure your browsers shortcuts. For Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and more) this can be done from chrome://extensions/shortcuts, edge://extensions/shortcuts, and so on.

Instructions for configured browser extension shortcuts can be found at the following links for Firefox and Safari users.


Autofill for Microsoft Edge requires the latest Chromium-based version.

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + Y Activate extension

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Auto-fill, press again to cycle through matching logins

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + 9 Generate a password and copy it to the clipboard

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + N Lock extension


If a login uses the Bitwarden authenticator for TOTPs, using the Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L will automatically copy your TOTP to your clipboard after auto-filling. All you have to do is Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste!

Desktop application shortcuts


  • Ctrl/CMD + , Preferences

  • Ctrl/CMD + L Lock now

  • Ctrl/CMD + Q Quit


  • Ctrl/CMD + N Add new login


  • Ctrl/CMD + Z Undo

  • Ctrl/CMD + Y Redo

  • Ctrl/CMD + X Cut

  • Ctrl/CMD + C Copy

  • Ctrl/CMD + V Paste

  • Ctrl/CMD + A Select all

  • Ctrl/CMD + U Copy username

  • Ctrl/CMD + P Copy password

  • Ctrl/CMD + T Copy TOTP


  • Ctrl/CMD + F Search in vault

  • Ctrl/CMD + G Password generator

  • Ctrl/CMD + = Zoom in

  • Ctrl/CMD + - Zoom out

  • Ctrl/CMD + 0 Reset zoom

  • F11 Full screen

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + R Reload

  • F12 Developer options


  • Ctrl/CMD + M Minimize

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + M Send to tray/Hide to menu bar

  • Ctrl/CMD + Shift + T Always on top

  • Ctrl/CMD + W Close window

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