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Delete an Account or Organization

Deleting a Bitwarden account or Organization permanently deletes the account or Organization and all data that is associated with it. Bitwarden does not "soft delete" any data.

Deleting an account or Organization does not automatically cancel a subscription. If you're leaving Bitwarden, you should cancel your subscription from the SettingsPremium Membership or Organization SettingsSubscription page first.

If you're locked out of your Vault and deleting your account so that you can create a new one, Contact Us and we can help transfer your subscription to the new account.


This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Delete a Personal Account

Delete an Organization


Only the Owner of an Organization has the authority to take this action.

  1. In the web vault, open your Organization.

  2. In the Organization vault, select the Settings tab.

  3. On the My Organization page, scroll down to the Danger Zone and select the Delete Organization.

    You'll be prompted to enter your master password to confirm you have the authority to take this action.




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