Innovating in passwordless

Enable streamlined, secure sign-in experiences with biometrics, passkeys, and SSO integrations

Bitwarden supports a wide range of passwordless options, from logging into your vault with trusted devices to biometrics, and now passkeys.

Cross-platform support

Enable easy and secure authentication across any platform and device by leveraging trusted devices, biometrics, SSO integration, and passkeys.

Secure by design

Block phishing, prevent credential stuffing, and stop remote threats for your users.

User simplicity

One-tap login reduces reliance on passwords, and makes secure authentication easy.

See passkeys in action

Storing passkeys in Bitwarden

Store your passkeys alongside passwords, secure notes, and other sensitive credentials in your Bitwarden Password Manager.

Sign into Bitwarden with passkeys

Use a passkey to sign into the Bitwarden web app with a compatible browser to streamline authentication, using the passkey for vault encryption. Available in beta.

Use passwordless authentication to streamline your Bitwarden experience

Store passkeys

Store passkeys in Bitwarden and sync those passkeys across devices.

See the demo

Login with passkeys

Use passkeys to log into and decrypt your Bitwarden vault, available in beta.

Use trusted devices to log in without a password

Streamline authentication using fingerprint or face recognition

Utilize hardware security keys to strengthen protection

Leverage your existing Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions

Integrate existing systems and identity provider passwords, tokens, or other passwordless entry points.

Create passwordless experiences for your app or workforce



Integrate passwordless authentication for your app or workforce

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