Proof-of-Concept Project Checklist

This guide is designed by our Product, Implementation, and Sales specialists at Bitwarden to help guide your business in running a PoC of Bitwarden. Bitwarden offers a free trial for Enterprise Organizations, and we're confident that spreading out these steps over that time will help shape a successful PoC.

Day Action Key Person Description Resource(s) Duration (hrs)
1 Identify an Organization Owner Organization Owner Create a free Bitwarden account for your Organization Owner, who will manage your Organization's settings, structure, and subscription. Create your Bitwarden Account 0.1
1 Create your Organization Organization Owner Create a free Organization on the Bitwarden Cloud. Once created, let us know and we'll upgrade you to an Enterprise trial.

If you're self-hosting, this Organization will be used only for billing purposes.
Organizations 0.1
1 (Self-hosting only) Download a License Organization Owner If you're self-hosting Bitwarden, a license file enables Enterprise functionality and the right number of seats for your instance. License Paid Features 0.1
1 (Self-hosting only) Install Bitwarden Organization Owner / IT Team Setup your Bitwarden server. We recommend deploying on Linux for optimal performance and lowest total cost of ownership. Install and Deploy 2.5
1 Add Admins Organization Owners + Admins Onboard Admins to Bitwarden, who can manage most Organization structures. We also recommend adding a second Owner for redundancy. User Management 0.2
2 Create Collections Organization Owners + Admins Create Collections, which gather items for secure sharing with Groups of users. Collections 0.25
2 Create Groups Organization Owners + Admins Create Groups, which gather users for scalable assignment of permissions and access to Collections.

If you decide to sync Groups and users from your Identity Provider or Directory Service, you may need to reconfigure user and Group assignments later.
Groups 0.25
2 Assign Groups to Collections Organization Owners + Admins Assign Groups to Collections, making shared items available to supersets of users. Test the Read Only and Hide Password options. Collections Assignment .5
2 Share items to Collections Organization Owners + Admins Add items manually or import data from another password management application. Sharing

Import to an Organization
2 Configure Enterprise Policies Organization Owners + Admins Enterprise Policies can be used to tailor your Bitwarden Organization to fit your security needs. Enable and configure desired policies before user onboarding begins. Enterprise Policies 0.1
3 Add users to Groups Organization Owners + Admins Add a set of users to your Organization manually and assign them to different groups. With these users, you'll broadly test all pre-configured functionality in the next step, before moving on to advanced functions like Directory Connector. User Management

3 Download Bitwarden Client Applications All users All Organization members should download Bitwarden on an assortment of devices, login, and test access to shared items/Collections/Groups and application of applied Policies. If you're self-hosting, users will need to connect each client to your server. Download Bitwarden 0.5
4-6 Configure Login with SSO Organization Owners + Admins Configure Bitwarden to authenticate using your SAML 2.0 or OIDC Identity Provider. About Login with SSO 1.5
4-6 Choose between SCIM and Directory Connector Organization Owners + Admins Decide whether SCIM or Directory Connector is the right user onboarding solution for your Organization. About SCIM

About Directory Connector
4-6 Configure and test user onboarding with SCIM or Directory Connector Organization Owners + Admins Configure and test Bitwarden SCIM integrations or the Bitwarden Directory Connector application to automatically sync users and groups. About SCIM

About Directory Connector
4-6 Onboard users with SCIM or Directory Connector Organization Owners + Admins Execute on SCIM or Directory Connector syncing to invite your remaining users to the Organization. 1

Deployment Best Practices

We've seen a lot of deployments and have found that taking the following actions can positive contribute towards a successful PoC and successful adoption with your users:

Day Action Key Person Description Resource(s) Duration (hrs)
4-6 Determine timeline for rollout to first-wave users Senior Leadership & Security teams There are lots of different strategies for rolling out Bitwarden. Take things at whatever pace best suits your team.
7 Craft internal messaging about Bitwarden rollout Internal Training & Managers Bitwarden provides a lot of resources to help users quickly adopt, check some out on Youtube and on the Help Center. Youtube

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