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Import Data from LastPass

Use this article for help exporting data from LastPass and importing into Bitwarden.

Export from LastPass

You can export your data from LastPass from their web vault or from a LastPass browser extension:

Import to Bitwarden

Data must be imported to Bitwarden from the web vault or CLI. Data is encrypted locally before being sent to the server for storage.

Import Troubleshooting

The following error messages, typically received when attempting to import a .csv, indicate that an item in your import file has a specified value that exceeds the allowed encrypted character limit for its field type:

Cipher errors in the Web Vault
Cipher errors in the Web Vault

To solve this issue, open the .csv file in a text editor or spreadsheet program and remove or reduce the character count of the offending item. Bitwarden won't import your .csv file until it is free of offenses. The contents of the error messages contain several pieces of pertinent data to help you identify the offending item. For example, in the above example:

  • [1] identifies the index number where the offending item is located, adjusted to match row numbering in most spreadsheet programs.

  • [Login] identifies the vault item type of the offending item.

  • "Facebook" identifies the name of the offending item.

  • Notes indicates the field (column) where the character limit is exceeded.

  • 10000 indicates the character limit allowed for that field (column).


    On import to Bitwarden, the character count of any given field is increased due to encryption, meaning that an 8000-character Notes field in your .csv will scale to 10,000+ characters when it comes into contact with Bitwarden, triggering this error. As a rule of thumb, character counts will grow between 30-50% when encrypted.

If you continue to have trouble locating the offending item using the data provided in the error, it may help to focus first on notes as these are frequently the cause of this error.

Maximum Collections Error

When importing Lastpass .csv exports to a Free Organization, you may observe the following error:

Free Organization Max Collections Error
Free Organization Max Collections Error

This error occurs when the Lastpass export contains 3 or more grouping values. The values in the grouping field are interpreted by Bitwarden as Collections, however Free Organizations are limited to only two Collections. The following .csv, for example, would cause this error:

url,username,password,totp,extra,name,grouping,fav,username,password,,,Facebook,Social,0,username,password,,,Twitter,Social,0,login,password,,,Asana,Productivity Tools,0,username,password,,,Github,Productivity Tools,0,username,password,,,Paypal,Finance,0,username,password,,,Bankofamerica,Finance,0

To solve this issue, delete the grouping column and the grouping datum for each item, including the trailing comma, for example edit:,username,password,,,Github,Productivity Tools,0

down to:,username,password,,,Github,0



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