Change app language

In the web vault and desktop app, Bitwarden will default to American English. You can manually change the language:

  1. Select the profile icon and choose Account Settings from the dropdown:

    Account Settings |
    Account Settings

  2. From the Account Settings menu, select Preferences.

  3. Select a language from the Language dropdown.

  1. Open the desktop app's Preferences panel (on Windows, File → Settings) (on macOS, Bitwarden → Preferences).

  2. Scroll to the App Settings section and use the Language dropdown to select your language.

Bitwarden browser extensions and mobile apps will dynamically change to use the language set by your web browser.

Currently supported languages

The following languages are currently supported. Please note, not all languages are available for all client applications:

Symbol Language
af Afrikaans
az Azərbaycanca
be Беларуская
bg български
ca català
cs čeština
da dansk
de Deutsch
el Ελληνικά
en English
en-GB English (British)
eo Esperanto
es español
et eesti
fa فارسی
fi suomi
fr français
he עברית
hi हिन्दी
hr hrvatski
hu magyar
id Bahasa Indonesia
it italiano
ja 日本語
ko 한국어
lv Latvietis
ml മലയാളം
nb norsk (bokmål)
nl Nederlands
pl polski
pt-BR português do Brasil
pt-PT português
ro română
ru русский
sk slovenčina
sr Српски
sv svenska
th ไทย
tr Türkçe
uk українська
vi Tiếng Việt
zh-CN 中文(中国大陆)
zh-TW 中文(台灣)

Don't see your language?

If your language isn't listed in the web vault or desktop app, or if your browser extension or mobile app isn't dynamically using your language, we want your help!

Bitwarden uses a translation tool called Crowdin to manage our localization effort across many different languages (no programming knowledge required).

  • To contribute to or make corrections to an existing translation, join our project.

  • To start translating Bitwarden to a new language, join our project and contact the project owner.

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