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Send FAQs

Q: Why can't I create a file Send?

A: Use of text Sends is available to all Bitwarden users, however creation of file Sends is only available for Premium users, including members of a Paid Organization (Families, Teams, or Enterprise).

Additionally, creation of file Sends requires your Email Address to be verified.

Q: Why can't I create a file Send from Firefox or Safari Browser Extension?

A: You can! But in order to browse for a file on the Create Send view in a Firefox Browser Extension, you'll need to open the extension in the sidebar or pop out a new window using the popout button:

The popout icon
The popout icon

Q: Why are Sends missing from my Send view?

A: By design, Sends are ephemeral. Each created Send has a maximum lifespan of 31 days, configurable when you create a Send or at any time by editing it. When a Send's Deletion Date is reached, it will be purged from Bitwarden systems and inaccessible to both the Sender and any recipients.

Q: What do the icons next to my Sends indicate?

A: Icons in the Send view are intended to help you understand the configured lifespan and privacy options:

Icon Meaning
This Send is protected by a password.
This Send has been manually disabled.
This Send has reached it's specified Expiration Date.
This Send has reached it's specified Maximum Access Count.
This Send has reached it's specified Deletion Date and is Pending Deletion.

Q: Why is Send disabled for my Organization?

A: Bitwarden Enterprise Organizations include a Disable Send policy, which Admins and Owners can use to toggle on/off Send functionality within their Organization. Contact your Admin or Owner to discuss your Organization's policies.

During the initial rollout of Send in March 2021, Organizations that already had the Personal Ownership policy enabled will find that the Disable Send policy was enabled for their Organizations. This was to allow for customers with this security profile to opt-in to Send on their own schedule.

If you do want to use Bitwarden Send as an end-to-end encrypted solution for ephemeral sharing within your Organization, all you need to do is turn the Disable Send policy off from your Organization's ManagePolicies page.

Learn more about Send here.

Q: Can I disable Send for my Organization?

A: Enterprise Organizations can disable Send at any time using the Disable Send policy. Admins and Owners can implement this policy from the Organization's ManagePolicies page. Enabling the policy will prevent Organization members from creating or editing any Sends.



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