Bitwarden Authenticator
Bitwarden Authenticator

A simple authenticator to prove your identity online

Bitwarden offers a standalone app that generates and stores all your two-step verification tokens so you stay more secure. 
Available on iOS and Android

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You need more than strong passwords

Use Bitwarden Authenticator to add an extra layer of protection to all your online accounts and applications


Easily generate authentication codes for all your accounts

Generate verification codes to ensure your identity is verified, keeping your sensitive data out of reach of imposters.


Quickly scan a QR code to add a new authentication code

A simple, intuitive design and straightforward interface makes it easy to start incorporating authentication into your digital life.

Customers love Bitwarden Authenticator

“Very smooth and fast”

“Great authenticator app works well, I look forward to see the additional features that will be added soon”


Bitwarden Authenticator is a standalone app that is available for everyone, even those who don’t use Bitwarden Password Manager.  

In its current release, Bitwarden Authenticator generates time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) for users who want to add an extra layer of authentication to their logins.

Integrated TOTP authentication is a premium feature in Bitwarden Password Manager. Bitwarden Authenticator is a free standalone mobile app that generates TOTP codes for any online service that supports them. Bitwarden Authenticator can be used without a Bitwarden account.

Yes! Many Bitwarden users have asked for a standalone authenticator in which to store their verification codes used to access their Bitwarden account. It is important to write down and store your Password Manager recovery codes in a secure place. 

Yes, these are separate applications

In this initial release, your data will be backed up through the mobile operating system's backup services. Please make sure your device is turned on and configured for backups. Bitwarden Authenticator data is included in the OS backups and will be restored with them.

Yes! Bitwarden Authenticator is open source and available at the following GitHub repositories for Android and iOS.

New features on the roadmap include import, syncing to Bitwarden accounts, push-based 2FA, and account recovery. 

Bitwarden Authenticator Mobile App

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