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Configure Push Relay

By default, your self-hosted Bitwarden server is configured to communicate with Bitwarden's push relay service ( You can optionally configure the server with your own push relay service or disable push relay entirely.


Disabling push relay will prevent mobile apps from automatically syncing, however users will still be able to manually sync their vaults.

Change push relay service

To configure the server with your own push relay service:

  1. Open ./bwdata/docker/global.env.

  2. Specify the URI of your push relay service in globalSettings__pushRelayBaseUri=.

  3. Run ./ restart to apply your changes.

Disable push relay

To disable push relay for the server:

  1. Open ./bwdata/config.yml.

  2. Change the push_notifications: true attribute to false.

  3. Run ./ rebuild to apply your changes.




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