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In order to share items you need to be a member of an Organization. Learn more about Organizations or learn how to start your own two-person Organization.

Sharing items with Bitwarden means moving them into an Organization and Collection, a structure used to gather together Logins, Notes, Cards, and Identities for access by multiple users. There are a few different ways you can create Organization items for sharing:

Move an Item to an Organization

Organization members can move items to any assigned Collection(s) unless they're given Read Only access to that Collection. Items can only be moved to Organizations from the Web Vault:

  1. Hover over the item you want to share and select the gear dropdown:

    Select the gear dropdown
    Select the gear dropdown
  2. From the dropdown, select the Move to Organization option.

  3. On the Move to Organization screen:

    • Choose the Organization to share this item with.

    • Select one or more Collections to share this item into. You must select at least one Collection.

  4. Click Save to finishing moving this item for sharing.

Moving an item to an Organization will transfer ownership to the Organization. This means that anyone with permission can alter the item or delete it, which would remove it from your Vault as well. You can tell that an item is shared when it has the Shared icon next to its name:

Shared Item icon
Shared Item icon

Create an Organization Item

Organization members can create new items directly for any assigned Collection(s) unless they're given Read Only access to that Collection. Shared items can only be created from the Web Vault, either in your My Vault view or in the Organization view:



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