Ongoing Administration

To access a client organization as a service user, select Provider from the top navigation and select your provider from the Providers list. In the Provider Portal, select the client organization to administer from the Clients tab:

Provider Portal
Provider Portal

Once in the organization vault you can fully administer the client organization, including the following important tasks:

Task Description Resources
Add and remove users Onboard and offboard users from Bitwarden as they join and leave the customers' organization. User onboarding

User Offboarding
Change user permissions When end-users change roles, change their permissions as appropriate. User types and access control
Add and remove user seats As the customers' business grows, manage the number of user seats for the client organization. Manage user seats
Reset users' master passwords If enabled, use admin password reset to recover end-user accounts if they forget their master password. Admin password reset
Create & share vault items Add and share new vault items on-the-fly when users need access to new systems. Sharing
Secure one-time sharing Use Bitwarden for secure one-time sharing of credentials, documents, and more. Create a Send
Monitor vault health Use organization vault health reports and event logs to keep an eye on the overall health of the client organization. Vault health reports

Event logs
Manage billing Make changes to the billing information for the client organization, if you ever need to. Update billing info

Additionally, if your service users help to train customers' end-users to use Bitwarden, the following resources may be helpful:

Task Description Resources
User registration Help end-users register for Bitwarden accounts. Register
Watch training videos Pass along some of the trainings we have conducted in the past. Getting started with Bitwarden
Help users import their data If permitted by your customer, give users instructions for importing their individual vault data to Bitwarden. Import data to your vault
Help setup two-step login Give users instructions to help facilitate setup of two-step login. Two-step login methods
Demonstrate Bitwarden apps Help users understand the benefits of Bitwarden mobile apps, browser extensions, and other apps. Getting started guides
Register for demos Encourage power users to learn independently by attending a weekly demo. Bitwarden events

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