Bitwarden Subprocessors

This table lists Bitwarden subprocessors. Note that no Bitwarden subprocessor, nor Bitwarden itself, has access to unencrypted vault data.

Subprocessor Nature of Processing Location
Microsoft Inc. Hosting infrastructure USA
DigitalOcean, LLC Hosting infrastructure USA
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Hosting infrastructure USA
Cloudflare, Inc. Proxy server USA
Google, LLC Communication tools USA
Slack Technologies, LLC Collaboration tool USA
Freshworks Inc. Customer relationship management USA
ChartMogul CMTDE GmbH & Co. KG Sales analytics Germany
Stripe, Inc. Payment processing USA
Paypal, Inc. including Braintree division Payment processing, Payment gateway USA
BitPay, Inc. Payment processing USA
DataDog, Inc. Infrastructure monitoring USA
Hubspot, Inc. Communication tools USA
APIHub, Inc. Business development (B2B) USA
ZoomInfo Technologies, LLC. Business development (B2B) USA

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