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Export Vault Data

You can export your personal vault data from any Bitwarden app, or export Organization vault data from the web vault or CLI. Exports can be downloaded as plaintext .json or .csv files, or as a .json encrypted export.

We recommend using .json for a more complete export, as .csv files won't currently export cards or identities. For complete information on the format of Bitwarden .csv and .json files, see Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json.

Vault Exports will not include file attachments or Items in the Trash.


Unless you're using an encrypted export, do not store or send the exported file over insecure channels, like email, and delete the file immediately after use.

Export a Personal Vault

Export your personal vault data:


Exporting your personal data from your will not export any data owned by an Organization that you belong to. To export Organization data, follow these instructions.

Export an Organization Vault

Organization Admins and Owners can export their Organization data (i.e. all items owned by the Organization) from the web vault or CLI:



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