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    Bitwarden believes source code transparency is an absolute requirement for security solutions like ours. View full, detailed Release Notes in GitHub using any of the following links:

    Release Announcements

    11/12/2020: SSO Enhancements

    The latest release of Bitwarden adds SSO-related enhancements to all client applications, including:

    • New Enterprise Policies: The Single Organization and Single Sign-On Authentication polices are now available for use by Enterprise Organizations (see here for details).
    • API Key for CLI: Authenticate into the Bitwarden CLI using an API Key newly available from your Web Vault (see here for details).
    • Improvements to SSO Onboarding: We’ve made some improvements to the way users are onboarded via SSO to prevent potential security risks (see here for details).
    • GDPR Acknowledgement: From now on, new users of Bitwarden will be asked to acknowledge a Privacy Policy on registration.
    • Android 11 Inline Auto-fill: For devices using Android 11+, enabling the Auto-fill Service will display suggestions inline for IMEs that also support this feature (see here for details).

    09/30/2020: Login with SSO

    The latest release of Bitwarden adds much-anticipated Login with SSO functionality for all client applications, and the Business Portal for Web Vaults. Read this blog post for more information about Login with SSO, and refer to our documentation.

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