Open ID Connect (OIDC) Configuration

OpenID Connect Configuration

Callback Path

URL for Bitwarden authentication redirect (automatically generated). Configure this in your identity provider for the login redirect URI.

Signed Out Callback Path

URL for Bitwarden sign-out redirect (automatically generated). Configure this value in your identity provider for the logout redirect URI.


Required Your Identity Provider URL or Authority that Bitwarden will perform Authentication against.

Client ID

Required for Bitwarden messages to be identified by your Identity Provider

Your Identity Provider’s client ID for Bitwarden. You will need to configure this before enabling SSO.

Client Secret

In conjunction with your Client ID for authentication against your Identity Provider, this value may be required depending on your identity provider’s configuration, needs, or requirements.

Metadata Address

Provides Identity Provider information back to Bitwarden. This is required if the Authority is not a valid URL.

Other OIDC Options

  • Get Claims From User Info Endpoint (Boolean) - Check this value if you start receiving URL too long errors (HTTP 414), truncated URLs, and/or failures during SSO.

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