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Organizing your vault

Organizing your personal view

Folders allow you to organize the items you have access to, including those in your individual vault as well as from an organization vault. Other users will never see or have access to your folder structure.

Organizing shared items

Collections gather together shared items and are only viewable by those in an organization with the appropriate permissions. Organization managers (or higher) and provider users can create and manage collections

Nesting folders and collections

You can also create a nested folder or nested collection by adding the parent name and a forward slash to the folder name.

To create a nested folder for a folder called Marketing, create a new folder with the name Marketing/social.

Saving favorites

For quick access to your favorites from the web vault and other clients, open any vault item to mark it as a favorite.

What's next?

Now that you've mastered vault organization, learn how to autofill your passwords.

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