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Individual and Organization vaults

What is a vault?

A Bitwarden vault is used to store your items securely. For example, you can store logins with your usernames and passwords, cards like your company or personal credit card, identities for your colleague's mailing address or phone number, and secure text items which can contain any plain text.

Individual vault

Your individual vault, shown in the UI (user interface) as My vault, is a vault owned and managed by your account, for example: or

This vault is where you will store items that are specific to you and that you don't plan to share with anyone else. For example, your email address login or your personal banking information.

This vault is not accessible to your organization admins by default, and can only be accessed if your account is taken over during account deprovisioning.

Note: Bitwarden recommends that you keep your company and personal vaults completely separate. We offer a free Personal Account and free 2 person organization, as well as a complimentary Families Plan (for members of Enterprise organizations) to help keep your personal data secure.

Organization vault

Your organization vault is a vault owned and managed by that organization and shared with you as a member of that organization. Your organization vault will be shown below "My vault" in the UI as your company, team, or family name with the organization icon to the left.

As part of providing you membership to that organization, an admin will grant you permissions to one or more Collections, which are the function of Bitwarden that allow you to share items between yourself and other members of the same organization. You can think of these as shared folders.

Just like file folders you may have with a company, these Collections will often be given names based on a department or area of responsibility.

You can move items from your individual vault into your organization vault and into any Collection(s) that you have access to. When you move an item into your organization vault, it transfers ownership of that item to your organization, and can only be moved back to your individual vault by an admin or owner.

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