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Within your vault, you can store four (4) different types of items: Logins, Cards, Identity, and Secure Notes. You can create folders within your individual vault to store your different items in a more organized fashion, if desired. Within your vault you also have the ability to delete items, which will stay in your trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted. 

If you are added to an Organization, every user will have access to the Collections they are permitted to see, along with your personal vault. Organization settings are determined and monitored by the owner and/or admin of that specific organization. 


Folders help organize your individual vault. By default everything goes into the no folder folder… I have included a helpful article on this slide about folders. If you want to add new folders in your mobile device you can do this in Settings. You can organize your folders in a variety of ways that work for you. Bitwarden recommends organizing your vault for ease of use. 

Select Folder from Save Bar 

Any time you log in to a website that doesn’t have a Login Item saved for it, Bitwarden will offer to remember the login information for you. Selecting Yes, Save Now will automatically add a Login item to your vault with the entered username, password, and URI. You can also use the Select Folder dropdown to select which Folder to save this item to.

Bitwarden Send 

Bitwarden Send allows you to upload and transmit encrypted text or files safely and securely. 

Bitwarden Password Generator 

When creating new logins or updating current logins within Bitwarden, Bitwarden generates strong and unique passwords based on specific criteria: the length you want or is required for the password, the complexity (capital letters, numbers, special characters), the random combination of characters, and making sure the password is unique per login. The great thing about the password generator is that it does the work of creating the password for you. And you do not have to worry about remembering it!

Vault Settings 

Within your individual vault, you have a ‘Settings’ section where you can manage your folders, sync your vault, and set additional security features like locking or logging out of your vault. 

Bitwarden recommends looking at your settings and making those updates based on your preferences. 

Two security features are based on how long Bitwarden can be inactive before timing-out. “Inactivity” is determined by the time since interacting with Bitwarden, not system idle time. Configuring this option will dictate what Bitwarden will do once the Vault Timeout time-constraint has lapsed. 

As mentioned, Bitwarden can either: lock or log out. Locking your vault means you will be promoted to enter your master password to decrypt your vault, and you will not need to use the two-step login ( if enabled) on the flip side, logging out of your vault will require you to enter your email address, master password, and any enabled two step login method to access your vault. 

With regard to syncing your vault, you can access Bitwarden wherever it is convenient for you. When you add an item to your web vault, it will automatically sync throughout all of your client applications. Your individual Web Vault will always remain in-sync. Organization Vaults will automatically sync across users and client applications every 30 minutes.


To view different Settings within your vault, go to the Settings tab. This is where you can view different options and look at different tools.


In the Options Tab, you have a couple of different features Auto-fill on page load (which we will cover in the next slide) Default URI match - which can help assist with fine tuning and auto-fill, clear clipboard which we will cover when we talk about TOTP.

If you want to change your theme, we have several choices. The choices are Default, Light, Dark, Nord and Solarized Dark. You can choose your theme under Options.

Additionally, you can enable auto-fill on page load under the Options.

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