What Plan is Right for Me?

Hi there! Bitwarden is here to help you take your first steps, whether you're a convert from another solution or new to password managers all-together.

This article will guide you through a few questions that can help you determine which Bitwarden plan is right for you. Questions like:

Use this flowchart to guide you through your journey:

What Plan is Right for Me?
What Plan is Right for Me?

Do you want to start protecting your online accounts with Bitwarden?

We certainly hope so! No matter what plan you decide is best for you, the steps to Create an Account are all the same.

Go ahead, Create an Account! Once your account is created, consider the following questions:

Do you need to share your data?

Will you be a Bitwarden Solo-Practitioner, or will you securely share data between friends, family, team of co-workers, or an entire company?

If your answer is "My Logins are mine"...

If your answer is "I have some shared resources"...

...we recommend one of our individual plans.

Continue to: Do you need Premium features?

...we recommend that you create an Organization.

Continue to: Who will you share with?

Do you need Premium Features?

As a Bitwarden Solo-Practicioner, will you be a Bitwarden Black Belt using Premium features like:

  • Advanced 2FA options such as Yubikey and Duo

  • 1 GB of encrypted file attachments

  • Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP)

  • Emergency Access

  • Vault Health Reports

If your answer is "Absolutely"...

If your answer is "Not yet"...

...we recommend a Premium Individual plan.

Upgrade now!

...we recommend staying on the free individual plan.

Download the Apps!

Whom will you share with?

Bitwarden is a great way to securely share data like Logins, Notes, Cards, and Identities. Will your Organization be used to share data with:

  • Family & Friends (Up to 6 users)

  • Business (Unlimited users, billed per seat)

  • Not sure

If your answer is "Family & Friends"...

If your answer is "Business"...

If your answer is "Not sure...

...we recommend a Families Organization for:

- Premium features for up to 6 users
- Unlimited sharing between up to 6 users

Create your Families Organization.

...we have one last question.

Continue to: What tools will you need?

...we recommend trying a Free Organization for:

- Core Bitwarden features for 2 users
- Limited sharing between 2 users

Create your Free Organization.

What tools will you need?

Bitwarden has two plans built for for Businesses; Teams and Enterprise. Both Teams Organizations and Enterprise Organizations allow an unlimited number of users (billed Per User Per Month) and include:

  • Premium features for enrolled users

  • Event Logs

  • User Groups

  • API for Organization Management

  • Directory Connector

However, only Enterprise Organizations include:

  • Login with SSO

  • Enterprise Policies

  • Self-host option

If your answer is "Almost all of them"...

If your answer is "I need all of them"...

...we recommend a Teams Organization.

Create your Teams Organization.

...we recommend an Enterprise Organization.

Create your Enterprise Organization.

Still not sure?

If you're still not sure which plan is right for you, you can find comparisons of each plan at About Bitwarden Plans. Or, Contact Us at any time for further help.

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