Using Login with SSO

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    As an end-user of Bitwarden, you will need to link your account to SSO and get your Organization identifier before you can login using SSO:

    To link your account:

    1. Open the Web Vault, navigate to your Settings tab and open your Organizations.
    2. Hover over the desired Organization and select the gear dropdown:

      Link SSO Dropdown Option
      Link SSO Dropdown Option
    3. From the dropdown menu, select Link SSO.

    Get your Organization Identifier

    Every Bitwarden Organization has a unique identifier specifically for Login with SSO. You’ll need this value to login, so ask your manager or Bitwarden administrator to retrieve it for you.

    Login using SSO

    To login to Bitwarden using SSO:

    1. Open your Bitwarden Web Vault or App and select the Enterprise Single Sign-On button:

      Enterprise Single Sign-On button
      Enterprise Single Sign-On button
    2. Enter your Organization Identifier and select Log In:

      Organization Identifier field
      Organization Identifier field

      We recommend bookmarking this page with your Organization Identifier included as a query string so that you don’t have to enter it each time, for example or

    3. Now that you’ve authenticated your identity using Login with SSO, enter your Master Password on the Login screen to decrypt your Vault.


    Why is my Master Password still required?

    All Vault data, including credentials shared by your Organization, is kept by Bitwarden only in its encrypted form. This means that in order to use any of those credentials, you need a way to decrypt that data (we can’t).

    Your Master Password is the source of that decryption key. Even though you’re authenticating (proving your identity) to Bitwarden using SSO, you still must use that decryption key (your Master Password) to see any meaningful data.