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    Interested in becoming a Provider? To get started, we ask that:

    • Your business has an active Enterprise Organization.
    • Your business has a client ready to be onboarded under your Provider.

    If you’re not ready to start a Provider, the Bitwarden team is eager to support your Bitwarden journey as a reseller or customer.

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    What are Providers?

    Providers are administration entities in Bitwarden that allow Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Resellers to create and fully manage multiple Client Organizations on behalf of individual business customers. Client Organization management is easily accessible through the Provider Portal:

    What is the Provider Portal

    The Provider Portal is an all-in-one management experience that enables Providers to manage customers’ Bitwarden Organizations at scale. The Provider Portal streamlines administration tasks by centralizing a dedicated space to access and support each client, or to create a new one:

    Providers are built with two distinct user types:

    Client Organizations

    Client Organizations are any Organization that is attached to or administered by a Provider. To your customers, there’s no difference between a “Client” Organization and a “regular” Organization except for who is conducting administration. All Provider members have full access to all Client Organizations:

    Structure of a Provider
    Structure of a Provider

    As denoted in the above diagram, if Providers want to use an Organization to manage their own credentials, they should not include it as a Client Organization that’s administered by the Provider.

    Creating an independent Organization for this case will ensure users can be given the appropriate user types and access controls over credentials.

    Organizations relate Bitwarden users and Vault items together for secure sharing of Logins, Cards, Notes, and Identities. Organizations have a unique Vault, where Provider Service Users can manage the Organization’s items, users, and settings:

    Client Organization Vault
    Client Organization Vault

    Members of a Client Organization (i.e. your customer’s end-users) will find shared items () in their My Vault view alongside personal items, as well as filters for assigned Collections, which group Organization items similarly to how Folders organize personal items:

    End-user Vault
    End-user Vault

    Once you’ve contacted us and been setup with a Provider by a member of the Bitwarden team, start a Client Organization.