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    Change App Language

    In the Web Vault and Desktop App, Bitwarden will default to American English. You can manually change the language by navigating to SettingsOptions and selecting your language from the Language dropdown.

    Bitwarden Browser Extensions will dynamically change to use the language set by your Web Browser.

    Bitwarden Mobile Apps will dynamically change use the language set by your Operating System.

    Don’t See Your Language?

    If your language isn’t listed in the Web Vault or Desktop App, or if your Browser Extension or Mobile App isn’t dynamically using your language, we want your help!

    Bitwarden uses a translation tool called Crowdin to manage our localization effort across many different languages (no programming knowledge required).

    • To contribute to or make corrections to an existing translation, join our project.
    • To start translating Bitwarden to a new language, join our project and contact the Project Owner.

    Read Crowdin’s Getting Started Guide.