Safari Web Extension

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    Bitwarden’s Safari Web Extension is a port of the prior App Extension designed for use with Safari 14. The Safari Web Extension is packaged with the Bitwarden Desktop App available on the App Store.


    Due to changes by Apple, Safari limits Web Extension use to only those obtained through Mac App Store downloads. As of the 2021-03-11 Release, users will not be able to use a Bitwarden Safari Extension obtained through a .dmg installation from or any other non-App Store source.

    If you’re using a Safari version prior to 14, you can continue using a .dmg installation, which can be downloaded from by clicking more desktop installation options >. Keeping the .dmg outside of the Applications folder should allow you to simultaneously use both an older Safari Extension and the latest Desktop App.

    The Safari Web Extension has full feature parity to the prior App Extension. For developer detail on the difference between Safari Web Extensions and App Extensions, click here.

    Enable the Extension

    Before enabling the Safari Web Extension, run the Desktop Application at least once. In Safari:

    1. Open the Preferences window.
    2. Navigate to the Extensions page.
    3. Check the Bitwarden checkbox, and select Turn on in the confirmation dialog.