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    Get the Extension

    Bitwarden’s Safari App Extension is packaged with the Bitwarden Desktop App available on the App Store, as recommended by from Apple regarding Safari App Extensions.


    Due to changes by Apple, Safari now limits Safari App Extension use to only those obtained through Mac App Store downloads. As of Q1 2021, users will not be able to use a Bitwarden Safari App Extension obtained through a .dmg installation from or any other non-App Store source.

    To read community conversation on the topic, refer to the following Apple Developer Forum threads (Thread #1, Thread #2).

    For developer detail on Safari App Extensions, click here.

    Enable the Extension

    Before enabling the Safari App Extension, run the Desktop Application at least one. In Safari:

    1. Open the Preferences window.
    2. Navigate to the Extensions page.
    3. Check the Bitwarden checkbox, and select Turn on in the confirmation dialog.

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