Import Data from 1Password

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    Use this article for help exporting data from 1Passwords and importing into Bitwarden. 1Password data exports are available as .1pif or .csv files, depending on which client version and operating system you are using.

    Export from 1Password

    Complete the following steps to export data from the 1Password Desktop App:

    1. Navigate to the Vault you’d like to export.

      Currently, 1Password will not allow you to to export from multiple Vaults at once.

    2. In your Vault, select the items you would like to export.

      Hold Ctrl/Cmd to select multiple Vault items, or select everything by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + A.

    3. On Windows, select FileExport or right-click and select Export.

      On macOS, select FileExportAll Items...

    4. In the Export window, specify a location and file format.

      You may choose between 1Password Interchange Format (.1pif) and Comma Delimited Text (.csv) depending on your client version and operating system.


      If you’re exporting a .csv from macOS, you must also select the All Fields radio button and check the Include Column Labels checkbox.

    Import to Bitwarden

    Complete the following steps to import data to your Bitwarden personal Vault (for help importing to an Organization Vault, see Import Items to an Organization):

    1. Log in to the Web Vault.
    2. Select Tools from the top navigation bar.
    3. Select Import Data from the left Tools menu.
    4. Select one of the following from the format dropdown:

      • 1Password (1pif)
      • 1Password 6 and 7 Windows (csv)
      • 1Password 6 and 7 Mac (csv)
    5. Select the Browse… button and add the file exported from 1Password.
    6. Select the Import Data button to complete your import.

    Importing data multiple times will create duplicates.

    Congratulations! You have just transferred your data from 1Password into Bitwarden.