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    Folders are structures used to organize your Personal Vault by gathering together Logins, Cards, Identities, and Secure Notes. Using Folders is a great way to make all Vault items easy to find.


    Items added to a Folder will still appear in your Vault when All Items is selected from the Filter menu, and deleting a Folder will not delete the items in that Folder.

    Create a Folder

    Folders can be created from the Web Vault or any Bitwarden client application.

    • From the Web Vault or Desktop Application, select the Add icon in your Folders list.

      Once created, you can rename a folder at any time using the hover-over Pencil icon.

    • From a Mobile App or Browser Extension, open the Settings menu, tap/select the Folders option, and tap/select the Add icon.

      Once created, you can rename a folder at any time from the same menu by tapping/selecting an existing folder.

    • From the CLI, use the command bw create folder <foldername>.

    Add a folder
    Add a folder

    If you’re a member of an Organization, Collections will be shown below your Folders in the Filters menu.

    There are similarities between Folders and Collections. Folders are only for your Personal Vault and unique to you, where Collections are shared between members of Organizations.

    Create Nested Folders

    Folders can be “nested” in order to logically organize them within your Vault. There’s no limit to the depth with which you can nest Folders, but creating too many levels may interfere with your Vault’s interface.


    Searching inside a “parent” Folder will not include items in Folders nested inside it as potential search results. For more information, see Search your Vault.

    Nested folders
    Nested folders

    To create a nested Folder, give a new Folder a Name that includes the “parent” Folder following by a forward slash (/) delimiter, for example Personal/Email.

    If there is no Folder with the corresponding “parent” name, the Folder won’t nest and its title will be displayed in-full.

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