Using favorites

Favorites allow you to quickly access your most used items. Any item can be designated as a Favorite.

This includes items that have been shared with you from an Organization. Marking an Organization item as a Favorite will only pertain to your individual vault. It will not make the item a Favorite for all users of the Organization that it belongs to.

Using Favorites

Select the item that you wish to make a Favorite and edit it. There will be an option labeled “Favorite” or a “Star” icon depending on the Bitwarden client being used. Select the corresponding object and save the item.

The mobile application’s and browser extension will list favorited items at the top of the “My Vault” tab.

The Web Vault and desktop application will have a “Favorites” filter you can select to see only these items.


  • Web Vault
  • Desktop Application
  • Browser Extension

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