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    What is Directory Connector?

    The Bitwarden Directory Connector application syncs users and groups to a Bitwarden Organization from a selection of directory services. Directory Connector will automatically provision and de-provision users, groups, and group associations from the source directory.

    Directory Connector will issue invitations to synced users, however it will not automatically construct Bitwarden credentials based on any credentials stored in the source directory. Invited users will be required to follow the normal Organization onboarding procedure and log in with the created Bitwarden Master Password.


    Directory Connector functionality is available to Teams and Enterprise Organizations. To use Directory Connector, you must have access to your Organization API Key which can only be retrieved by an Organization Owner and securely shared using Bitwarden Send.

    A Directory Connector sync operation can be run on-demand or automatically on a configured interval. Directory Connector applications can be installed as an agent on the server that hosts your directory, an administrator’s workstation, or any other desktop device that can access the source directory.

    Directory Connector supports sync from the following sources:

    Directory Connector Applications

    Directory Connector is available as a cross-platform Desktop Application and as a Command Line Interface (CLI). The Desktop App and CLI share a database and configurations, so you may choose to use both, however simultaneous use is not recommended.

    Directory Connector Desktop App
    Directory Connector Desktop App

    Download Directory Connector

    Use the following links to download Directory Connector:

    Download Desktop App

    Download the latest version of the Directory Connector Desktop App from our GitHub releases page or by using one of the following official links:

    Download CLI Tool

    Download the latest version of the Directory Connector CLI from one of the following links:

    Source code

    As with everything at Bitwarden, the Directory Connector is open source and hosted on GitHub at github.com/bitwarden/directory-connector.