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    The Directory Connector Desktop App is a standalone desktop application that can be used to sync users, groups, and group associations from a selection of directory services.

    Directory Connector Desktop App
    Directory Connector Desktop App

    Directory Connector is also available as a CLI Tool. The Desktop App and CLI share a database and configurations, so you may choose to use both, however simultaneous use is not recommended.

    Getting Started

    To get started using the Directory Connector Desktop App:

    1. Download the latest version of the app from our GitHub releases page or by using one of the following official links:

    2. If you’re using a self-hosted version of Bitwarden, change the Server URL used by Directory Connector before logging in:

      1. On the Login screen, select Settings.
      2. In the Server URL field, enter the domain name for your self-hosted instance with https://. For example,
      3. Select Save.
    3. Log in to Directory Connector using your Organization API Key. If you don’t have the API Key, reach out to an Organization Owner.
    4. On the Settings tab, connect to your directory and configure sync options. This procedure will vary based on the directory in use, so refer to one of the following articles for instruction:


      If you’re re-configuring sync options, rather than setting them for the first time, navigate to the More tab and select the Clear Sync Cache button to prevent potential conflicts with prior sync operations (learn more).

    5. On the Settings tab, select you Organization from the Organization dropdown.
    6. Perform a Test Sync. To check that your directory connection and sync options are successfully configured and working as expected:

      1. Open the Dashboard tab.
      2. Select the Test Now button.

    Sync testing will query the directory server and print the results to the dashboard. If the printed results match your expectations, you’re ready to start syncing.

    Sync with Directory Connector

    Directory Connector can be used to run a one-time manual sync or automatic sync polling:

    Manual Sync

    To run a one-time manual sync from your directory to your Bitwarden Organization, open the Dashboard tab and select the Sync Now button.

    Synced users will be invited to your Organization, and groups will be immediately created.

    Automatic Sync

    Automatic syncing will poll your directory based on the Interval specified in your sync options as long as the application is open. If you exit or close the application, automatic sync polling will stop.

    To start automatic sync polling with Directory Connector, open the Dashboard tab and select the Start Sync button.