Administrative Data

Category: Security
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    Users provide personal information in connection with your account creation, usage of the Bitwarden Service and support, and payments for the Bitwarden Service. Bitwarden uses Administrative Data to provide the Bitwarden Service to you. We retain Administrative Data for as long as you are a customer of Bitwarden and as required by law. If you terminate your relationship with Bitwarden, we will delete your Personal Information in accordance with our data retention policies.


    We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy for more information.

    These data include:

    • Your Name (Only if provided during account creation).
    • Your Email Address (used for Email Verification, Account Administration, and communication between you and Bitwarden).
    • A Bitwarden-generated device-specific GUID (sometimes referred to as a Device ID, and used to alert you when a new device logs into your Vault.)

    For Organizations, these data also include:

    • Equivalent Domains
    • Organization Name
    • Organization Business Name
    • Organization Billing Email Address
    • Collection External IDs
    • Group Names and External IDs