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    What are Organizations?

    Organizations relate Bitwarden users and Vault items together for secure sharing of Logins, Notes, Cards, and Identities. Organizations have a unique Vault, where administrators can manage the Organization’s items, users, and settings:

    Organization Vault
    Organization Vault

    Members of an Organization will find shared items () in their My Vault view alongside personal items, as well as filters for assigned Collections, which group Organization items similarly to how Folders organize personal items:

    Access shared items
    Access shared items

    Types of Organizations

    Bitwarden offers a variety of types of Organizations to meet your business’s or family’s needs. For feature-by-feature breakdowns of each Organization type, see About Bitwarden Plans.

    Type Description
    Free Organizations Free Organizations allow 2 users to securely share in up to 2 Collections.
    Families Organizations Families Organizations allow 6 users to securely share in unlimited Collections.
    Teams Organizations Teams Organizations allow unlimited users (billed Per User Per Month) to securely share in unlimited Collections and offer a suite of operational tools like Event Logs.
    Enterprise Organizations Enterprise Organizations allow unlimited users (billed Per User Per Month) to securely share in unlimited Collections and add enterprise-only features like Login with SSO and Policies to Bitwarden’s suite of operational tools.

    Comparing Organizations with Premium

    The key thing to know is that Organizations enable secure sharing from Organizations to users. Premium Individual plans unlock premium password security and management features, including advanced 2FA options, the Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP), encrypted file attachments, and more, but Premium Individual does not include secure data sharing.

    Paid Organizations (Families, Teams, or Enterprise) automatically include those premium features (advanced 2FA options, Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP), etc.) for every user enrolled in the Organization.

    Comparing Organizations with Providers

    Providers are Vault-administration entities that allow businesses like Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to quickly create and administer multiple Bitwarden Organizations on behalf of business customers.

    Create an Organization

    Organizations are created and managed from the Web Vault. If you’re new to Bitwarden, create an account before you start your Organization, then proceed with these instructions:

    1. Select the New Organization button in your Web Vault:

      Select New Organization
      Select New Organization
    2. Enter an Organization Name and a Billing Email we can reach you at.

      Checking the This account is owned by a business checkbox will filter your options down to those suitable for businesses, and prompt your for a Business name so we know who to thank!

    3. Choose your Plan. Bitwarden offers Organizations suited to any need. Check out the feature-by-feature breakdown to figure out which is best for you.


      All paid Organization (Families, Teams, or Enterprise) include premium features for all enrolled users!

    4. If you chose a Free Organization, you’re all set! If you chose one of our paid Organizations,

      • Families/Teams/Enterprise: Your plan comes with 1GB of encrypted storage for attachments. Add Additional Storage (GB) for $0.33 per GB per month.
      • Teams/Enterprise: Specify the number of User Seats you need for your Organization. Seats will be added if you exceed this number, unless you specify a limit.
      • Teams/Enterprise: Choose whether you’d like to be billed Annually or Monthly. Families Organizations can only be billed annually.
    5. Once you’re happy with your Organization, enter your Payment Information and select Submit.


      New Families, Teams, and Enterprise Organization have a 7 day free trial built in! We won’t charge you until your trial is over, and you can cancel your subscription at any time from the Organization Settings tab.

    Once you’ve created your Organization, create a collection, invite users, and start sharing.