Vault timeout options

Vault timeout

Vault timeout is an option within your Bitwarden client (mobile, web, desktop, browser, etc) that allows you to stop your vault from being accessed on that client after a configured event or time.

All clients will support basic time-bound options such as:

  • Immediately
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour, etc.

Some clients may support specific functions, such as:

  • On system idle
  • On browser refresh, etc.

There are two options available to configure what occurs when those time limits or events occur.


Locking your vault is the default behavior. This will maintain vault data on the device and will only prompt for your master password to decrypt and re-allow access to your vault.

This is the option most users prefer, as it is usually the fastest and does not require the Bitwarden client to be online or able to connect to a Bitwarden server.

Log Out

Logging out is the most secure option. This completely removes the Bitwarden data from the device and requires reauthentication to access your vault.

This option will prompt a user for their email and master password, as well as any two-step authentication tokens that may be configured. The Bitwarden client must be online to accommodate access to your vault when this option is selected.

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