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    Adding, editing, or deleting Vault items from any Bitwarden client application will automatically push changes to your Bitwarden server, whether Cloud-hosted or self-hosted.

    In order to pull those changes down to another Bitwarden client application, your Vault will need to Sync.

    Automatic Sync

    Your personal Web Vault will always remain in-sync. Organization Vaults will automatically sync across users and client applications every 30 minutes.

    Bitwarden client applications (Desktop Applications, Browser Extensions, Mobile Apps, and CLI) will sync automatically on login, and with regularity when unlocked. You can also Manually Sync your Vault to pull changes to a client application immediately.


    When you install Bitwarden on a new device, simply log in to your existing account to automatically pull down your most up-to-date Vault data.

    Manual Sync

    To manually sync your Vault from a Bitwarden client application:

    Sync Browser Extensions

    Select the Settings tab, select the Sync option and select the Sync Vault Now button.

    Sync Mobile Apps

    Open the Settings tab, tap the Sync option and tap Sync Vault Now.

    Toggle the Enable sync on refresh option to allow your Vault to be synced using a pulldown gesture on the My Vault tab.

    Sync Desktop Apps

    Select FileSync Vault from the menu bar.

    Sync the CLI

    Use the sync command to manually sync your Vault:

    bw sync

    For more information, refer to our CLI documentation.


    If Vault Sync is not working properly, investigate the following:

    Mismatched Timestamp

    Sync failure may occur if your device’s time is not correct. Bitwarden uses TLS/SSL, which will fail to connect a client application to the server if timestamps are mismatched.

    VPN or Ad Blocker Interference

    In some cases, VPN or Ad Blocker browser extensions may interfere with the connection between client application and server. This issue is typically observed with Bitwarden Browser Extensions.